Registration Agreement

You also are agreeing that you understand that the content of this forum is to used for entertainment and education and that there are risks involved in working with electricity. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owners of this forum, any related websites to this forum, its staff, and its subsidiaries of any actions or outcomes of use of any information, parts or  equipment originating from the forum.

You furthermore agree that no equipment or design gained from this site will  be used in any type of commercial ventures or in any commercial settings such as but not limited to churches, schools, malls, etc. It does not meet any certification or requirements for the safe use and is not claimed to be safe in any manner. It is your responsibility to use the information and items from this board in a manner safe to all.

Every new member must post to the "New Members Introduction" Forum (there are no lurkers here everyone will have a part in the community) once you are registered you will be unable to access other areas of the forum until you do so. This was required to prevent spammer's from adding inappropriate material to the forum with fake accounts. We also feel it make our forum more of a home when new members introduce themselves and gives us an opportunity to welcome them.

Every member must show basic respect for all other members. Disagreements are fine but personal attacks on others to them or others will not be tolerated.

This is a private board and as such, the Administrators have the final say in what is acceptable and what is not. This includes the practice of banning anyone who is not able to follow the rules and the intent of the board. Everyone has input but it is not a democracy.

All coops will be done in accordance to the rules we as a group set. These rules  are outlined in an announcement on the coop forum.

All transactions involving money will be done as either a coop purchase or as a sale of equipment built for the use of the person selling it, but not in use any longer. THIS IS NOT EBAY!

There are no expectations on anyone who would like to share their work with the community. You are not required to provide any information you do not wish to. Anyone who does so retains all rights to it. This is not an open source community.

I ask that anyone developing in our little world please try to keep non-technical members in mind. We all want to make blinky and if we make the project too hard to build or understand for them then they will shy away from giving DIY a try.

Developers are required to get approval of any new item to be annouced on DiyLightAnimation by an admin. We have rules on duplicating items. When you have many developers create the same thing it sooner or later leads to issues. It also works against the keep it simple for the new user ideology of DLA. By requiring approval we can insure others are not already working on the same items. Any item to be annouced on DLA will be intended to be promoted, and cooped at DLA. This is not a site to collect potential customers for businesses or other operations. We do not allow advertisements. If we find members are posting often guiding people to their favorite business they will be asked to stop. It is fine to do so but if it appears its more than simply helping someone find something or you are affiliated with the company, we will ask you to stop.

Some people do not like the rules at DLA or how I run things. If you are one of these people then do not register as it will not change. DLA is the longest running DIY lighting site to have not had a major fall out or flame war on it. This is because we do not allow such non sense. This is about people helping people and enjoying the hobby with nice people that treat each other with respect. If this is not your reason to sign up or be a member of DLA then please do not sign up. We do not have flame wars, We do not treat people like their questions are stupid. If you act like this, you will not get points and be put in the corner. You will be warned if minor and then shown the door if it continues. If it is servere you will be simply shown the door. You do not get 3 trys to behave yourself. Since we are not driven by money and or efforts are for free, we will not miss you.