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Title: What happened?
Post by: Penfold on June 16, 2017,
It seems like this community is slowly dying off :(.  Is it due to people just getting too busy with real life?

I really haven't seen much activity on here.  There hasn't been any Co-ops, or updates on the status with the Lynx Express components and potentially making the chip change to SMD for members?  <yk.. I haven't seen Robert on the forums in a while, but that's not to say that he is on and has responded to people.  I personally, just haven't seen him.  Maybe I am needlessly concerned, but I just wondered.   
Title: Re: What happened?
Post by: emcee on June 17, 2017,
It's been quiet... don't know why except time of year.

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Title: Re: What happened?
Post by: caretaker on June 18, 2017,
RJ has a life and after spending a large amount of time invested in creating products for our light shows he may have moved on to other things in his life. In the mean time there has be an explosion of other DIY technologies out there.  With that said with now new developments in the Lynx line and no coops many have moved on to other boards to stay up to date. The fact the RJ has kept this board up I think is a very nice thing for him to do.