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Title: Unicast Support
Post by: lboucher on December 10, 2017,
Hi All

I want to send just a few channels out over wireless. I understand that if I go unicast, I can limit the amount of data going out over wireless. It looks like the etherdongle doesn't support unicast though.

I think the only thing I need to do is be able to set the ip address.

Is the source to the firmware available so I can set an ip? Or is there another way.

Title: Re: Unicast Support
Post by: CaptainMurdoch on December 11, 2017,
In FPP, try setting your E1.31 interface to eth0 and your etherdongle universes to multicast, then add in a unicast universe pointed to an interface on the wifi network.  I have not tested that scenario before but it might work.