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Title: SAA1064 emulator
Post by: JoeFromOzarks on February 03, 2018,
SAA1064:   I’m tossing this out here for discussion.   Everyone is welcome to contribute to the discussion, the more, the merrier.     

I have begun building a SAA1064 (LED Display Drivers LED DRVR 4DGT W/I2C) EMULATOR as used on the Lynx Express.   It uses a Microchip PIC on a PCB that’ll plug right in where the SAA1064 sits on the Lynx Express.   I say “emulator” because, as it emulates the SAA1064 in every fashion, it is not a SAA1064.  It will replace the original SAA1064 on the LE.

I have only a rough idea of the cost, at this early stage it looks to be about $15.  Unlike some DIY Christmas sites, I will not mark up the goodies to make a profit.

Is there an interest in such a device?   What is your opinion?  Throw it out here.  Come on, express yourself!!

Thank you,
:) joe
Title: Re: SAA1064 emulator
Post by: rjhodgefamily on February 03, 2018,
If it means we can resurrect the LE coops I am all for it. Even as a just in case something bad happens I would be in for several.

Title: Re: SAA1064 emulator
Post by: JoeFromOzarks on February 10, 2018,
Powers mucho greater than me will have to step up and get permission to fire up the COOPs.   

Just for the purposes of discussion, throwing thoughts out there, who is interested in resurrecting the COOPs?    Goes without saying, RJ must be approached first.

Has there been a formal interest poll?   I don't remember seeing one.

:) joe
Title: Re: SAA1064 emulator
Post by: loveroflife96 on February 12, 2018,
We would also need to find another supplier for the heat sink.  The gentleman who was doing them for us was doing so at a REALLY good price.  So we'd have to find someone else or sell the kits and people would be on their own with heat sinks.  I know RJ really likes the idea of giving a enthusiast everything they need in one kit and easy to assemble so we would most likely need to find someone who can construct these for us.
Title: Re: SAA1064 emulator
Post by: tbone321 on February 13, 2018,
While sad to say, I believe that the DLA coops are a thing of the past.  There has been no development here for quite some time and the hobby has progressed beyond what the current equipment can provide.  I still believe that the LE is one of the best AC dimmers out there but with the big swing to smart strings for just about everything, there is really just not enough demand for them anymore to redesign it or even run a coop for the existing model, even if all of the parts were still available.