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The Porch / Re: What happened?
« Last post by taybrynn on October 21, 2017,  »
RJ stepped out, but did keep this board going which to this day I am thankful for.  Basically there is nothing wrong with the DLA hardware or designs, it was state of the art in its day, if not bleeding edge  ... and at some point there were rumors of disagreement over the direction of the new hardware (most of which never materialized on DLA) ...  I theorize that some wanted to move on from the DLA mindset of keeping things simple and easy for the masses (and somewhat limited, like the use of TM1804 nodes and the 128 node limit per controller, etc.) ... and moving towards a more techie solution which you could somethings shoot yourself in the foot if you didn't know what you were doing (injection, crazy amount of nodes per controller, etc.).   I think RJ had already left anoither board that became super techie and perhaps unapproachable to the average joe (not techie) ...  and created DLA with his focus being to ensure his designs would take a lot of the technical gotchas out, but as I said, some may have felt restricted by those built in design safeguards.  Maybe he felt frustrated or just burnt out ... but it doesn't matter because he gave so much to so many ... and honestly, everyone has a burn out point, or should.    I think in most respects, FalconChristmas essentially took over and has continued to provide some level of backwards pixelnet compatibility with its remarkable new Falcon controllers ... since David himself a big DLA user before he created the Falcon boards. To this day I continue to use DLA active hubs and smart string controllers (on my homes/roofs only) ... but I have used the Falcon firmware on my newest V3 smart string controllers sp they could be reprogrammed 'in the field' if needed.
If you used the DMX deck and were able to get the channels on the LE to raise and lower the USB dongle is communicating properly with the LE.
Now for programming the LE here is the standard method:
Programming the Express:
(At the Express...) Put your Express in program mode by pressing the "Mode" button until "PRG" appears on the LED display. Next, press the "Select" button -- a decimal point (dot) will appear on the right of the LED display to show "PRG." You are now in program mode.
(At the software configuration tool...) Select the "Program" button to send the channel configuration and light curve software to the Express. If you can observe the Express's LED display, you should note that the starting channel number now appears on the display. If it continues to show "PRG.", press the button again. It may take multiple attempts.
NOTE: you may choose to start the configuration tool first, and select the "Program" button within the tool -- then visit the Express within your yard to press the "Mode", then "Select" buttons. Either order will work.
(At the Express...) After the channel is assigned, reboot the Express by pressing the "Reset" button.

Hang in there, it will happen.
Yes, I did install the FTDI driver.  But I did not know how to verify that it was installed.  And yes, the Express was in program mode with the Utility.  Of course with the Deck, I was just using the sliders to try to raise and lower the dimming of the DMX channels. 

Is there some way to determine if FTDI is installed and HID is not installed ?
Did you install the FTDI driver the dongle requires?  The HID driver that Windows will install for the dongle if the FTDI drivers were not installed will not work.  Did you set the Express into program mode properly?
I checked the Device Manager.  It shows the USB Serial Port on Com 6.  I have the Deck running and it is set to COM6.  I cannot get the channels to go up and down.

I don't know how to check if the serial port is blocked by some of my security software.  I am running Advanced System Care, AVG, and CCleaner.  WOuld any of this block my USB serial port ?
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I appreciate the info.  I received the kit but I'm opening boxes of pixels from China.  It may take me some time to get back to the LE.  I ordered a handful of the pic chips from Mouser and they arrive on the 6th ..

I have not had time to get to the PicKit 3, so I had a guy make me a new pic chip for the Lynx DMX V2.0 adapter.   I am running the Lynx Express Configuration utility as administrator.  I've tried 3 different controllers, and this DMX V2.0 adapter cannot program them.  The DMX light flashes when the software is programming, but the start channel never changes.  So I am assuming it does not program the light curves, since it does not program the start channel.  Any suggestions ?
I had to run the program as administrator, then it worked fine.
You may be right, didn't think about the firewall. I will try it this afternoon when I get home and see. Thanks!
Sale/Trade / Re: Christmas in July
« Last post by ahb2ukeith on October 19, 2017,  »

It is all yours for $175.00 + 5.34 for Paypal and Priority Mail 2 day shipping is 47.55.
Total $227.59
If you would like the package mailed USPS Retail Ground, that shipping is 41.39.
Total $221.73
I will PM you my Paypal info.



Sale/Trade / Re: Christmas in July
« Last post by mmccrae on October 19, 2017,  »
What do you have left?
I will take it all off your hands

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