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Up for sale I have 2 Zeus 16 Kits, 1 Zeus 8 Kit, both are unbuilt $150+Shipping. Please send a Pm. Thanks,George
Lynx Express / Re: $4 Lynx wireless??
« Last post by winwin on January 22, 2018,  »
that's good news!
I've got the board already, just need to get the missing parts. It will be a few weeks though before I get to it.
I have a few ESPixelSticks and they are very to use with Shelby's tool. Make the ESP-01 programming easy. Only issue I had was related to web browser I was using (firefox) and linux. Had no problem with windows 10 and explorer.
Good luck with your new board for the SSR4.
Sale/Trade / FS: 2 Lynx Express V5.0 In CG1500 Case
« Last post by LasVegasF250 on January 22, 2018,  »
I have 2 Lynx Express Version 5.0 for sale in a CG1500 case with Cords. Only used 2 seasons.
All have been tested and working. I am asking $90 each plus shipping.
Lynx Express / Re: $4 Lynx wireless??
« Last post by rjhodgefamily on January 22, 2018,  »
Seem to be working great. Need to play with it more, and am designing a separate board so I can plug one right on to an SSR4 instead of doing the weird wiring from an EX/RX that you have to do now.

I'll post that once I get my oshpark protoboard that I designed for the SSR4.

I am only using the ESPixelStick to program the ESP-01. It's just a little easier since it has the buttons and everything already in place. way easier than trying to lay everything out on a breadboard.
The Porch / Re: Critters eating LED lights
« Last post by DaveM on January 22, 2018,  »
Not precisely the same, but similar. I had critters chew up the engine wiring harness of my Jeep requiring $1000 in repairs. I painted the repaired wiring with castor oil and have had no further problems.

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Lynx Express / Re: $4 Lynx wireless??
« Last post by winwin on January 21, 2018,  »
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Yeah I think that is what it is supposed to do. I am waiting until this weekend to take the show down and play with it more. If it works it is an extremely cheap alternative to the EX/RX.

I found the easiest way to program it is to buy one of the ESPixelSticks for $20 off of Amazon.

have you tried it yet and does it work or are you using the ESPixelStick?
The Porch / Critters eating LED lights
« Last post by lightguy on January 21, 2018,  »
Hey Everyone, So I volunteer at a not for profit train park up here in Michigan and we do Halloween and Christmas themed rides. Funds are tight so most of the LED's we use are typically Home Depot or Walmart own brands. This year in particular I have had many issues with critters eating the leds. The take everything, the lampholder and the LED bulbs, sometimes several adjacent to each other. You will find a gap of a couple of feet sometime and no sign of what is missing. Green and white wire, although they do seem more partial to warm white than multicolor bulbs haha. Has anyone else had this problem and have they found a way to stop it (other than a shotgun lol)Some of the lights are along a roofline or the edge of the railway trestle so that rules out deer or wild turkeys as the likely culprits. We do have squirrels, chip monks, raccoons and groundhogs........
Sale/Trade / Misc —Zeus/Active Hub/SSR4/PassiveHub
« Last post by mitch09 on January 20, 2018,  »
Cleaning out the gear I haven’t used in a while. All hasn’t been ran for a couple seasons. All prices are shipped. If it seems high make me an offer.

Zeus 16 (Missing a couple screws on inputs) - $40
Zeus 8 (untested-never used) - $25
Active Hub (Has some replacement fuses soldered on to the bottom of the board)-not sure all outputs are working as I have no way to test anymore - $SOLD
Passive Hub (At least one output not working-blank jack in its place) -there may be more not working but they will just need fuses.  - $SOLD
SSR4 (untested-never used) - SOLD
Lynx wireless TX (no power supply) - $10

I may find more laying around as I keep cleaning.

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The Porch / Re: 2017 Season
« Last post by Dennis Cherry on January 16, 2018,  »
Sale/Trade / Re: WTB: 2 Zeus 16
« Last post by urthegman on January 15, 2018,  »
I have 2 Zeus 16 kits and one Zeus 8 kit,
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