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Sale/Trade / Lynx Express v5 - 3 Kits (SOLD)
« Last post by DanHouston on January 09, 2018,  »
I have 3 LE v5 kits (unassembled).

$70 each or 180 for all three plus paypal and shipping.
Sale/Trade / SOLD C7 and C9 Color Changing LED
« Last post by lightguy on January 08, 2018,  »
I have one box of C7 and one box of C9 color changing LED I bought from Home Depot before Christmas when they went 50% off that I had planned to use for a project,  I have now gone in another direction with my plans.
I paid $20 each, looking to get that back plus paypal and shipping
Lynx Smart String / Re: Smart string update please
« Last post by tbone321 on January 05, 2018,  »
The Conductor is a daughter board that was added to a Etherdongle to turn it into an independent controller.  The LE is just a DMX AC dimmer and it needs a DMX signal to do anything.  You can either wire it or use a wireless (EX/RX) board for it to get its DMX signal but it will not do much without it.  You can use a Raspberry PI running FPP to control them but you will still need a method to get the DMX signal to them.
Lynx Smart String / Re: Smart string update please
« Last post by Christmasaddict on January 05, 2018,  »
Thanks to both of you for your replies.  I have a friend here locally who is using Falcon controllers and X-lights and he highly recommends them.  Let me ask another question and this is probably not the correct board but here goes:  Wasn't there a device made to use with the LE that would basically be preprogrammed with your show information and would run the show without having to be physically linked up via a Cat 5 cable?  Wasn't it called the Conductor?  I have been thinking about using my LE controllers to turn on and off my static lights.  I like to vary the on and off time depending on the date, day of week, etc. and thought this would be a good way to do it however I don't want to have to connect them all via ethernet cable.
Sale/Trade / Re: Zeus 16 channel unbuilt kit
« Last post by DanHouston on January 05, 2018,  »
Still have it? Need to check my closet, but think I may need one more.
The Porch / Re: 2017 Show Video
« Last post by DanHouston on January 04, 2018,  »
Looks nice!
Lynx Express / Re: $4 Lynx wireless??
« Last post by rjhodgefamily on January 04, 2018,  »
Yeah I think that is what it is supposed to do. I am waiting until this weekend to take the show down and play with it more. If it works it is an extremely cheap alternative to the EX/RX.

I found the easiest way to program it is to buy one of the ESPixelSticks for $20 off of Amazon.
Lynx Express / Re: LE Alternatives
« Last post by tbone321 on January 04, 2018,  »
I really doubt that you will see any other coops here.  There are other ways to get your signal around.  All you really need is one LE in each area with a wireless daughter board and you can simply cable from it to your other controllers.  If that doesn't work, you can also use a few Raspberry Pi's running FPP to deal with your wireless connections.  The PI with FPP is in a way like a hyper advanced Conductor.  You load your show files on the PI's and make one the master.  It will control the remotes over WIFI.  If you add a PI hat to the PI, it will be able to control 2 strings of smart nodes and output a full universe of either Renard, LOR, or DMX.  It can also control one or more ETD's if needed or any other E1.31 controller thru its Ethernet port. 
The Porch / Re: 2017 Show Video
« Last post by mmciver on January 04, 2018,  »
Nicely done!

And you kind of show a point I was making!  Using Pixels to wrap trees in the yard just doesn't look as good as when you put the 110V strings on it!

I have 13 trees in my yard that all run AC controllers and I love the look.  I use pixels for certain props as well as window outlines and like the combined look.

Nice sequencing!

Lynx Express / Re: LE Alternatives
« Last post by mmciver on January 04, 2018,  »
I thought I would weigh in here.

While I do have props that are Pixel based, there are just certain things that do not look right and I still use 110v strings for the asthetics.  With advances in software to program the shows it doesn't make it much more difficult to use 110v or pixels and that is making my life easier:)

Having said that, I do have cases where I will pick up minleon versions of the controllers, but a stick point with me has always been the wireless piece.  I have a large yard and a driveway in the middle and don't want to bury cable so wireless has been great for 3 sections of my yard and a 110v wireframe rope light prop that i put in my neighbors yard.  Without wireless LE's I would not be able to do this.

If memory serves, and I am getting older;), RJ was having issues sourcing parts that were not surface mount in order to continue the LE's.

While I would really like to see LE coop's continue, I need 5 more this year, and I really enjoy building them, I could make due with a minleon that has a wireless option.

Anyone know how to get feature requests into Minleon?

Can we still do some LE coop's?

Just my .02

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