Author Topic: Does show resume after power loss and a scheduling question  (Read 1435 times)

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I've been playing with the conductor and working on a how-to manual.  I have run into a few things and I wanted to see if it happens to you all also.

1)  During a show, if the EtD/Conductor loses power, the show does NOT restart.  For instance I have a show that repeats daily with a scheduled start time at 1800 that repeats until 2200.  On Monday at 1900 hours the EtD/Conductor loses power (lets say the GFCI trips).  Power is restored at 1930 hours (I check the lines and reset the GFCI).  The currently scheduled show does not continue playing.  On Tuesday, the show starts at 1800 hours.

If this is an expected behavior, is there a way to restart the show?  Or would I have to pull the card create a new start time?

2)  The "Repeat Show Until" time/date tells the Conductor to keep starting the specified show until that date/time.  It does not specify when the show should stop.  Here is my example:  I have a show that lasts 11 minutes long.  I tell the Conductor to start the show at 1800 hours and repeat until 1900 hours with no delay between shows.  At 1855 the Conductor starts the 5th playback.  At 1900 the Conductor keeps playing the 5th playback and the lights go dark at 1906.  If I wanted the lights to be off at 1900, I would have to set my Repeat Show Until time before the start of the 5th show (before 1855).  I only thought about this because some neighborhoods require Christmas lights to be off at a specified time. 



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for show recovery, I'd setup each playtime. That way if something triggers the gfci, or a circuit breaker, or even a power outage.

when it comes back to life, it will still resume at the next start time.
this creates more setup, but offers the least amount of downtime.

when you repeat your show, you only have one start time. you miss it, it's done
the show may repeat as long as it hasn't been interrupted, but still only had one start time.
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Sorry to bring up an old topic, but with my GFI popping like popcorn during some recent rainstorms, I've been thinking about this problem a lot.

What I think Chris you were saying is that if we have a 'show' that has 10 songs in it, that we don't say show 1 repeats from 1900 to 2200 - instead we would add up the total time for the 10 songs (let's say they are 17 minutes) and then set up Monday at 1900, monday at 1917, monday 1934, monday 1951, monday 2008, etc?

To prevent silence between sets, can we short the time on the schedule and conductor handles this gracefully?  For instance, if the show time is 17 minutes, could we set the schedule for monday 1900, 1915,1930 etc?

Otherwise, I'd love to submit a 'feature request' for future firmware that would 'resume' a schedule if on boot up it saw that the current time was within a scheduled show!   <pop..


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