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MR16 Programmming Start Channel
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Programming the start channel on the mr16 board can be a booger but the most reliable way that i have found to do it is with vixen. I hope this may help someone out in the future.

1- Open vixen and a sequence that is tied to a profile you are 100% is working and correctly outputting data. (Make sure that your output plugin is set up for the correct channel count that you will be programming for if you are adding channels)
2- Open test channels make sure on the right side that it says 255 not 100 if it says 100 change your show actual intensity levels (should be a # not a % sign)
3- Turn on channel 1 and set the intensity level (the slider on the right) to the start channel you want to set your mr16 to.
4- Pull the jumper for "terminate dmx" OFF.
5- Power OFF the mr16
6- Wait 3 seconds
7- Move the jumper to program mode
8- Power the board ON wait 3 seconds
9- Power the board OFF wait 3 seconds
10- Move the jumper back to operate mode
11- Wait 3 seconds
12- Cut vixen test channels off
13- Turn vixen test channels back on and turn channel 1 on at 255 intensity level
14- Wait 3 seconds
15- Power the board back ON
16- Test to see if board is outputting power on the first leg if it is then it did NOT take address. Try Again.
17- If board is not outputting power on the first leg then turn the vixen test channels off and then back on and turn on the channel that you programmed it to at full intensity. Check and see if the first leg is powered if so. Congratulations you have successfully set the start channel for the mr16

This is the only way that i have been able to get my mr16 boards to take a start address. After hours of trying and trying and getting pissed off at the boards i watched several videos and carefully read over the methods in the wiki and took pieces from each one and tried different methods. This is the combination and step by step procedure i was able to replicate multiple times. And it has worked every time within 2 tries for me. I hope this helps someone out.
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