Author Topic: Brookshire VSA, TrackSkull and the Bobcat Challenge  (Read 1655 times)

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I am hoping someone can help me here.Within Brookshire VSA v5 I am able to control servos via DMX Dongle  (ENTTEC-PRO) and the Bobcat Controller (DMX Servo). However, when using MonkeyBasic TrackSkull with the same settings in Puppet Mode, it appears that there is no communication to the Bobcat Controller or the DMX Dongle when using the joystick or the sliders within the program. I am choosing "DMX 8 bit" as the controller and ENTTEC-PRO as the port. I have tried it on both Windows 7 x64 and Windows XP 32 bit FTDI version is  2.08.14 - baud rate 115200. I am in an email conversation with Nelson (creator of MonkeyBasics) but we cant seem to figure it out. The Bobcat is a an 8 bit DMX servo controller, correct?
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Re: Brookshire VSA, TrackSkull and the Bobcat Challenge
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The problem is probably in your dongle configuration.  Setting it for 8 bit DMX sounds like that configuration is using the computer to create the DMX stream.  This is not what the Entec-Pro is expecting.  While your output port sounds correct, you probably need a simple data stream output to it.  I would change the controller output to something that reflects that and the Entec Pro will create the DMX stream for you. 
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Re: Brookshire VSA, TrackSkull and the Bobcat Challenge
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I know this is an old thread but TrackSkull (as of V1.3.6.0) does work with the DLA DMX Dongle...
I lent Nelson (creator of TrackSkull) a DLA DMX Dongle last year and he was able to fix the issue (something related to the communication with the DMX Dongle)..
So if you have issues get the latest version of TrackSkull.

Very nice to get such service from a software vendor...