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Nutcracker: Releases
« on: October 13, 2012, »
I will use this thread to post new releases.

So there is a new release today. For those with a localhost install you need to  get both the zip file from github and also re-install the database.

Before re-installing the database on your localhost
1) Screen print any changes to effects or targets that you might have made locally
2) Copy the same changes from your local machine into Every few days i take an export of and put it into the zip file from github.

OCT 13 Release
In this change:
1) Projects now process single_strand effects
2) Added new column into EFFECTS_USER_HDR. New column is effect_id. We are working on making an export of Nutcracker effects so that they can be shared. xLights will soon have the ability to use this file.
3) Increased memory for an effect from 512M to 1024M
4) Added more error checks to check for the existence of a file before we try to open it.
5) On projects generation table, the elapsed time each effect took is now shown

So the two steps with this release is get a new zip file and re-install the database

5) You now need to get a copy of the current Nutcracker code tree. Go to
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login and download the zip file. This file is updated daily with the latest Nutcracker code tree and with the latest export from database
Unzip this file into c:\wamp\www\nutcracker or into c:\xampp\htdocs\nutcracker

7) When you get Localhost working, install the database.
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login in a browser window. Do not put in any passwords, just click submit.
This command will do the following
a) Drop all the tables from your existing nutcracker database
b) create the nutcracker database if it is missing
c) create the nutcracker user: nc_user
d) execute sql/nutcrackertables.sql to create all nutcracker tables
e) execute sql/nutcrackerdata.sql to create 50,000 rows of data
Littleton, CO
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