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Re: Robo Light
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I am very interested in this project, Everything is way over my head at this point as I have never even messed with servos before. However, I am really interested in building a robohead for the desk just for fun. I might even give it to the wife and let her use it for her decorate the cubicle competition for halloween.

Keep up the good work.

Robohead is awesome.

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Robo Light
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I understand how the el wire works.

If the PWM on the led output pin goes to 100% on duty cycle with a DMX value of 255 and 0% duty cycle at a value of 0, you could get away with a simple transistor circuit. If the PWM does not go all the way to 0 & 100%, you need something more involved to keep from destroying the el driver circuit.

Without a board to play with, there is no way to tell...

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