Author Topic: Panther DMX Player V2 Pictures and Assembly Notes  (Read 1032 times)

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I took the components out of my V1 board and used them in my V2 board. Below are some pictures. A couple of things for those of you that are on this first coop. The corner cutout could have be a little bigger, so you can file them down 1 or 2 millimeters to make it go in a little easier, its a snug fit in the case and even a tight fit getting it in the case when you have all the components solder on. I did not file mine down I just applied a little force alter I the cutout up.

Be sure you do NOT soldered the LEDs down against the board. Then need to stand up about 1/4 inch and are bent at the 90 degree angle. The was you can position them if they do not line up with the LED holes.

Make sure you SD Card Module will fit the the slot in the case before you install the board. I think they all should but I have seen some for the module in the past that were a little wider.

Do NOT have the SD Card Module installed on the board when you are installing it into the case.

You can position the LEDS after you have the board installed to make them visible thru the LED holes in the case.

Hope this helps and I look forward to hearing feedback on how the install goes and how your panther works.

Scott Wanner

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