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Lynx Express Enclosure source updates
« on: July 17, 2014, »
Today, I decided to make the move and order a whole bunch of enclosures for my LE's.  I actually ordered 30 cases.  (CG1500's)

I'm going to share my experience in hopes it will help others;
DF Countryman Co. is still a valid source for CG1500 cases.
Cost per case prior to shipping was around $10.00 per.  (remember I ordered 30, cost will be higher I'm sure for less volume)
Shipping killed me though.  $122.00 to NJ.  Bottom line came out to around $13.50 per case shipped.  Your result may vary. :o

Had I waited just a few hours, I would have gone with GrayBar.  They came in at just 10.19 a case and no shipping.  I could have picked it up from just 40 minutes away!  However, sales tax would apply for me as I live in NJ.   If you can ship to a GrayBar near you, I'd say they are the best bet.  This lesson just cost me about $79.00 <fp.

Shipping is certainly the killer on these cases.  There are a few holiday lighting websites that supply these cases as well.  I found that they are usually back ordered on cases.  Hence, I went with a company who could ship out the product the same day.  The holiday lighting websites have good pricing, but shipping also seem to be an issue and I wouldn't have saved anything over DF Countryman or certainly GrayBar.   

For the record, Chuck Baze at DF Countryman is a very nice person and happy to help us involved in the lighting hobby.   I'd say if you only want one or two cases, this isn't your answer.  If you want 10,20, 30 cases,  DF or Graybar seem like good places to go.   

Just sharing my experience and my personal opinion.   I had a hard time figuring what to do, as the threads discussing these matters were pretty dated.  I figured having some 2014 info will help others.   

Happy lighting!  :D

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MOdel # for CG1500;  AFL TELECOMM DM000589-CG CG-1500

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