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New LE ver 4 pcb
« on: May 28, 2009, »
Hi Folks,

"What is the v4 of the Lynx Express?"
Since this question is popping up every where. The following is a copy of what RJ post in another thread.

Ok to do constructive work with the information pointed out I intended to move the Opto's up and gain clearence. If you look at the first picture the issue is that the two points in location A are too close together. One is low voltage and the other is high voltage. Not sure how I missed this.  Make sure when you solder these you do not bridge them so check them over well.

The location B is the pin and trace that is completely covered with epoxy. This should be no issue as there is nothing exposed to short. I planned to add a small amount of space here with the move also

The funny thing is while I was moving the Opto a thought came to me. And with some quick math I found that if the LED and the opto was put in series neither one would have a need for a current limiting resistor.

I took a ver 2 Express and removed 32 resistors include all the 330 ohm and half the 180 ohm. Jumper the board for testing and found this to be correct. Both devices got perfect current and voltage with this arrangement.

The second pictures shows a new version 4 PCB for the express with these changes. IT drops 64 solder joints and 64 leads to bend. It reduces the part count by 32 items.

This will speed building. I will need to have pcb's made for the coop as I did not have as many left as I thought and do not have enough to fill the coop. So the new PCB's will be on the current Express Coop #4.

I Also added a jumper to allow you to switch between wired and wireless without removing the RS485 chip.

The new Lynx PCB logo will replace the Vixen logo from here out also.

The second picture is the new layout without all the resistors. This is a change on the pcb so you will need to install the resistors on all current boards. The Ver 4 is the only PCB that does not need them.

This post changes nothing for anyone other than to check the location pointed out to make sure you have no solder bridges before you power up your Express.

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