Author Topic: Aether II power supply that is not a landscape transformer?  (Read 1152 times)

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Those landscaping AC 12V transformers are expensive (Like $100 for 100 watts at the BORG)

I was looking for a Meanwell or some other better 12v ac power supply that might let me take the voltage up to 13 or maybe 14 to get a bit more pop out of the led itself as well.

Someone have a different source for powering these little beauties?

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I would be careful with that.  The Aether has a voltage regulator to keep the voltage on the LED's where it needs to be.  LED's are NOT tolerant of excess current and unlike an ican which may simply get a little brighter, pushing more voltage to increase current in most cases will simply fry the LED.  BTW, landscape transformers are unregulated and tend to be well above their 12V rating in output voltage.
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Actually, the Aether has constant-current regulators for the LEDs.  The problem with increasing the voltage is that will also increase the heat that needs to be dissipated... 

I would use a 12V transformer (landscape or power) as RJ suggests.

I don't have a schematic or an Aether, so I can't recommend otherwise.  You likely could use a regulated DC supply (the power input directly feeds a bridge) but I don't know the voltage needed.  I'd measure the DC rail on a working Aether powered from the recommended transformer to see what it needs if you want to go that route.


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I used a 12vac transformer usually used for security cameras and although I'm having comm issues, it appears to be working fine. Only cost $16 each.  Also I hooked it up with normal 3 prong cords so I can use standard extension cords to power them at any length