Author Topic: Tips for debugging USB Dongle  (Read 956 times)

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Tips for debugging USB Dongle
« on: December 13, 2014, »
I had a USB dongle stop working.  It turned out that the MOSFET desoldered itself and fell out.  When this happened, something must have happened to the USB module as well, because even after reinstalling the MOSFET, the computer will  not recognize the serial port.  I pulled out a spare board and parts and built it.  Now this board is not working either.  I tested the oscilator and have 2.5 volts on the output/ground.  The green LED does not light at all, and when hooked to a LYNX Express, the DMX signal light does not light and there is no control of a channel using DMX Deck.  I have tried on multiple computers as well as with another DMX device.  I have also tried different CAT 5 cables.  Any thoughts? <md..

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Re: Tips for debugging USB Dongle
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I would take a look at the USB hub or port on the computer first.  Make sure that it is functioning properly. 
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