Author Topic: USB Dongle Flashed with Pixelnet Need help Trouble shooting - *SOLVED*  (Read 5288 times)

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So in the end the MAIN issue was having the nodes connected incorrectly.  It was a little frustrating at times with all the trouble shooting but I learned some very valuable information along the way.  I want to thank everyone who read this post and replied; there are some incredible nice people on this site and I'm very grateful to each one of you and to RJ for creating this site to begin with.

I would like to specifically thank  jnealend, twooly and tjo13 for their feedback and send a GREAT BIG thank you to tbone. If it wasn't for you I would still be trouble shooting!!

God Blessings to all!


PS Is there a way to update the main heading of this post to show it was "Solved"?

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No problem my friend, that's what these groups are all about.  You can change the heading if you want to, just change the subject line.  It should allow you to change it in the first post since you were the one who created it, unless too much time has gone by but that is seldom done in here.  Your last post say's that the issue has been solved.
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Just edit the very first post and you can modify the subject line.
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