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xlights release 4.2.4
« on: August 26, 2015, »
xLights Release 4.2.4
This release sees the LAYOUT pop up error fixed
The channel overlap is now a checkbox, if there was any feeling of slowness doing the check, you can now turn it off
Selecting a model used to cause some flashing, now fixed.
Even CaptMurdoch got in this release. He fixed teh export of FPP eseq Effects files
Gil and Dan fixed some more under the cover stuff.

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4.2.4  Aug 26, 2015
   -- bug(gil)  Fix view combo drop-down not populating when no fseq file existed.  Moved Initialize call
                 to make sure SequenceData object has been initialized first.
   -- bug(gil)  Models that are renamed or deleted will now be updated in all views.
   -- bug (chrisD) Fixed popup error box when selecting models in LAYOUT
   -- enh(chrisD) New checkbox for channel overlap check in LAYOUT.
   -- enh(chrisD) in LAYOUT fixed flashing when selecting models
   -- bug(gil)  Presets will now populate correctly when switching to a new Show directory.
   -- bug(gil)  Presets created at top level will now show up when program is reopened.
   -- bug(chrisP) Fix export of Falcon .eseq Effects files
4.2.3  Aug 22, 2015
    -- bug(gil)   Version older detection code was wrong....this caused morphs to be converted when they shouldn't.
                  Also fixed morph corner 2b point graphic.
4.2.2  Aug 20, 2015
    -- enh(chrisD) in the Layout screen starting and ending channels are now shown. Name,Start and End are clickable columns to sort
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix crashes when renaming models that are part of a group or renaming a group.  Fixes #337.
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix crash on clicking Up/Down if no models selected. Fixes #181
    -- enh(dkulp) Make "Export Model" export the current state of the model, add option to re-render it
    -- bug(dkulp) Enable "Export Model" for groups
    -- enh(dkulp) OSX - Disable AppNap and Timer Coalescing when Output To Lights is on
    -- eng(steve) Add keybindings "O" for Off and "F" for fan effects
    -- enh(steve) Update Readme for Windows builds
4.2.1  Aug 14, 2015
    -- enh(gil)  Timings added to a sequence default to exist in all views.
    -- bug(gil)  Mark rgbeffects file as changed when views are modified.
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix saving the model XML during resize/rotate
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix clearing when an effect is shrunk
    -- bug(dkulp) If a papagayo track is in the sequence, trying to add another timing track will crash
    -- enh(gil)  Models that are copied will now display in the center of the screen.
    -- enh(dkulp) Add ability to enable/disable various outputs (so if controllers aren't hooked up, don't arp flood)
    -- enh(dkulp) Add ability to configure e1.31 ouput to handle consecutive universes in one output
    -- bug(dkulp) Fix problem of rotating elements with unequal scales
Littleton, CO
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