Author Topic: xlights 4.2.16 slow issue  (Read 754 times)

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xlights 4.2.16 slow issue
« on: October 18, 2015, »
I have setup 8 mulitcast 512 channel universes
i have etherdongle plugged into smart string hub set with pixelnet 1 and universe 1
with the pixelnet output going to 1 PixelNet Zeus 16v1 also with pixelnet 1 and universe 1

there are 16 strings plugged into the Zeus with 50 nodes each. channels 513-2912

in test mode i run twinkle 50% at speed 100 and the lights blink supper fast.

when i run a sequence like the butterfly effect, it runs supper slow, like 1 pixel change per second

i have removed the software and my files, reloaded, installed different release versions, and started form scratch with the same problem.

my CPU is running at about 10%

anyone have any ideas that i can try


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Re: xlights 4.2.16 slow issue
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2015, »
well this was a weird issue.I spent 4 days on this.
i tried everything i could think of, the fix (so far so good)
set my lights with a starting channel of 1
removed all the E131 universes, and added 1 E131 Multicast universe, then clicked save, and ran my sequence
1-512 of the channels ran normal.
I then added each E131 Multicast universe 1 at a time, saving it, and testing each dmx universe 1 at a time until i had them all added.
i then changed my zeus lights to start at 513, and still working fine.

one other question though... when i add the 9th E131 Multicast universe 7681-8704, I'm guessing this would be pixelnet universe 2.  would i program my channels on my zeus for universe 2 channel 1


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Re: xlights 4.2.16 slow issue
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2015, »
That would be correct.  There is no way to "program" a universe but you would set the jumpers on the Zeus to universe 2 and begin your channels one channel 1 again. 
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