Author Topic: Problems with Dongle and or LSP  (Read 659 times)

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Problems with Dongle and or LSP
« on: November 13, 2015, »
I need some help as this is my first show.
Here is my setup:
6x Lynx Express Controllers
1x Lynx Dongle programmed for 4096 Pixnet (This was given to me from my neighbor who is doing a much cooler show)
LightShow Pro 2.8
LighShow Pro Scheduler 2.8
Windows 7

I am trying to do some bench testing and not getting good output.  I have attached a word doc with screenshots of my configures from LSP and Scheduler. 
In LSP I have 1 controller, Lynx Express. I set the channels to 16, and the controller type to Pixelnet/smart strings.
The output does a setup.  It is using COM3, as I verified with Windows that the USB is COM3.

I toggled Channel 3 for a few seconds then off, then Channel 2 then off, then Channel 1 then off.. for a good test.

I optimize the sequence, because that is what LSP helpdesk tells you no matter what, then save.

I open the awesome scheduler.  I upload my mp3 to the playlist.  I add the output as PixelNet/Smart String.  I go to the calendar and set a new event.  I select my sequence then go to Playback.  I select the job click play then.... Music starts.  Dongle data LED lights up.

But.... Channel 2 lights up right away on the controller with the Lights on.  Channel 1 on the Controller lights up and the Lights are Dim.  Nothing happens on Channel 3.  The data LED on the controller lights up.  Remember, it should start with Channel 3.  So, something is working right.

Can someone please help me troubleshoot?   See my attachment with my settings in LSP and Scheduler.

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Re: Problems with Dongle and or LSP
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2015, »
Your first problem is you need to get your USB dongle re-programmed for DMX  OR you need a 16 port smart string hub and use the DMX out for your expresses. If you get your dongle re-programed to DMX change your settings in light show pro accordingly. As you have it set up now in light show pro it is for a running pixels.
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Re: Problems with Dongle and or LSP
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2015, »
He's my neighbor. I sold it to him and wasn't sure if it was a p-dongle or dmx. I flashed it back to dmx and its working fine. Thanks for the input.
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