Author Topic: Zeus16 pixelnet with Vixen3 or Xlights HELP please.  (Read 619 times)

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Did anyone try Vixen 3 or Xlights for Zeus 16 and USB dongle ? I am a newbie to this lighting stuff. I currently have Zeus16 and USB dongle with me. I tried to use Vixen3 but I donot find appropriate controller (on the software) listed for my applicaiton. I tried to use  Streaming ACN E.31 but it didnt work.  Then I tried Xlights, however all the strings on my controller are exactly same. In other words, when the first node flashes green on string 1, all the first nodes of rest of the 15 strings flash green. Basically, this is what I have done so far:
1) setup the USB dongle for pixelnet with appropriate drivers
2) Setup the Zeus using Zeus utility - When I did that all the nodes were blinking white.
3) tried Vixen3, but couldnt figure out what kind of controller I need to select. Vixen3 doesnt have Pixelnet controller or Zeus16 listed.
4) Switched to Xlights/nutcracker and able to setup communication (able to light the nodes). However, all the channels are exactly same. I mean all hte strings are lighting exactly the same. The preview picture on software is correct, however the output of Zeus is exactly same on all strings..

Any help on this topic is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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Re: Zeus16 pixelnet with Vixen3 or Xlights HELP please.
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I use both v3 and xlights, and v3 before this last update it did not support dmx dongle flashed with pixelnet. I do not think the new version does as well. So xlights is you best bet. It sounds like a set up issue, so I would read some setup items here in this zues subforum and then go to the xlights forum and read some items in the setup setup sub forum and between both you should then be able to configure each output on the zues and set it up correcty to play in xlights. If after you do that and it still doesnt work post screen shots of both set ups and then we maybe able to help.