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Re: Zeus kept losing its mind...
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It's a 600 Watt single rail power supply - I ran the main connector and then ran three of the funky connectors off a single feed.  I'm running 704 pixels (44 on each string) so it should be more than enough juice.  I've got a couple backup PS (500 Watt and 450 Watt) which I could try and see if it's the problem.

When I reflashed, I always reflashed all 16 PICs, then used the SS Utility to re-program.

You say that you have the 3 small power connectors connected to a single feed. These really should each have a separate wire running to the power supply. The purpose of these connections is to add additional 12V wires to divide up the current. If you have them all connected to the same feed, you are only adding one additional wire to the power supply instead of three. Since the main power connector only has two 12V wires in it, all your current is going through 3 wires. Which means you could have as much as 14 amps on each wire.
704 nodes * 0.06 Amps = 42.24 Amps
42.24 / 3 = 14.08 Amps

You may want to remove your main power connector and check for signs of overheating on the 12V connections like a melted connector or burnt pins.