Author Topic: Bobcat Servo Controller Config App vs Windows 7  (Read 713 times)

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Has anyone experienced issues with using the Bobcat configuration app under Windows 7?
It works fine under XP...
When I use WIN7 the servo outputs seem to get mucked up...

The configuration app doesn't complain and the controller seems to take the configuration (the green led flashes as the configs are loaded)..

The led driver seems fine....

But the servo outputs seem dead.....

Same board programmed under XP is fine....

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Re: Bobcat Servo Controller Config App vs Windows 7
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Have you tried using compatibility?

Right Click on the Shortcut.
Click on the Compatibility Tab.

Check where it says "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
then pick Windows XP in the list...

Run As Administrator
Right click on the shortcut,
Click "Run As Administrator"
Click "YES" When the User Account Control Screen comes up.
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