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help with changing over
« on: August 19, 2016, »
hello all,
I live in Sc and have been doing small shows for years... in 2014 I went to dumb rgb (96channels).  2015 I had a crash and was dark.  this year I have decided to go all pixel with maybe a few of my old LOR controllers running.  my question is with setting up in Xlights... I have San Devices E6804's.  my problem for example is when I set the controller up for the 12 universes over unicast.... output 1 will be 480 pixels for the mega tree, output 2 same thing.. 480 pixels along with output 3 480 for the mega tree.  of course lots of power injection...  my question is when I try to set it up for output 4 which will run a 200 pixel mini tree I can't get it addressed right.  in Xlights would that be starting on Channel 1 output 10 since in theory output 10 is the start of my physical output 4?

any help would be greatly appreciated...