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New to xlights
« on: August 24, 2016, »
Hey guys new to this animation world. Started with a setup and downloaded Vixen. Love the program just very labor intensive. Started reading on all the forums and liking what I see for xlights. I watched a youtube video on how to set up my lights and it's not working too well. I had just one controller programmed and it worked fine, tested lights and everything looks great. Once I added the other 4 controllers that's when it started acting funny. An example I have 5 snowflakes starting channel 1 each has 192 pixels. I guess my biggest question is there a manual I can download for a reference in setting up my controllers. I know in vixen you add the controller and tell it the universe that it starts on. Xlights has channels. Is that the channel of light in the whole show, controller or what? I think the biggest problem is I have a few starting on 1.

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Re: New to xlights
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