Author Topic: Just in case this happens to you. Check the rj45's  (Read 316 times)

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I had an express quit working on me.  I had already test ran the show through this express this year with everything working great.  I had been running dmx through a lynx dongle to it.  I then switched the incoming data line from the dmx port from an active hub.  I had already tested running the Express from the active hub  this year too without a problem.  To my surprise the express quit working.  I did A LOT of trouble shooting checking everything I could think of.  I went back to the original dmx dongle and it also quit working.  I checked and re-checked cables, wireless jumpers, terminate jumpers, new cat 5 cables, reflashed the pic, changed the pic from a known good one, changed the 485 chips, and all the common problems.  I then bypassed the express and sent the data to my other expresses.  They all worked fine, so i knew the problem was with only with this express.  After doing everything mentions above again I decided to unhooked all the leads from the board and pull it from the cg-1500 so I could look at the back of the board.  everything looked fine but i warmed up the solder iron anyway thinking I would touch up the board anyways.  While I was waiting for it heat up I don't know why I thought to look but I did and I found the problem inside the rj45 jack.  One of the pins in the jack had slid over into it's neighbors slot, and of course it was one of the 2 pins that matter.  I could have saved a lot of time and head ache had I noticed this sooner.  Just thought I would share just in case this happens to anyone else.
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