Author Topic: For Sale: 5x Lynx Express, 5x Aethers, DMX Dongle, DMX Splitter, Boards ETC.  (Read 254 times)

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For sale, eveything works perfectly.
Prices do not include shipping.
Shipping is from Texas and only shipping in USA.
I will discount if you buy it all.
Buyers wanting it all have first priority!
Paypal payment for equipment up front, shipping to be paid once packaged and ready to ship with quote.
UPS or Priority your choice.

$100 each - 5x Lynx Eprexx V5.0 Assembled and working with all pigtails installed ready to go.
$100 each - 5x Aether II RGB DMX Floods (Power supply available for $50 but heavy to ship)
$20 each - 1x Lynx DMX Splitter v2.0 Assembled and working
$10 each - 2x Lynx Express V5.0 PCB Boards only
$10 each - 2x Lynx DMX Dongle v2.0 PCB Boards only
$40 each - 1x Lynx DMX Dongle v2.0 Assembled and working
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I will take one of the Lynx Express V5.0 PCB Boards. Somehow I have all the parts and heat sync but no board.