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Porcupine Starburst
« on: September 12, 2017, »
Does anyone have a good method for modelling a porcupine ball display in Vixen 3?  The 2D Starburst model doesn't quite cut it for some sequences.  For a simple example, say I am doing a wipe from top to bottom of the ball.  For this to work properly, all the pixels on all 8 equatorial spokes should display precisely the same colors (no vertical component to these spokes), while the other spokes all have a vertical component in the display.  The top spoke (I am not using an illuminated bottom spoke) has no horizontal component.

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Re: Porcupine Starburst
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None of them handle the 3d portion properly yet.  But doing a couple of matrix with different orientations and overlapping channels can open up some interesting effects.