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what could be wrong
« on: October 17, 2017, »
Ok I did a lot of investigation on why my ssr4 won't run.  I took the chip out and put it in another SSR4 that I know works.  It used the channels that I had it programmed.  So I started messing with other things.  What I have come up with is that if I cross the three legs of the chips directly infront of the out put wires the lights light up.  So I am not sure how these chips get the signal to switch it is not getting it.  I can't imagine it blew all 4 chips at once.  Not sure what if the sip resistor could be the issue that the chips are not getting signal to switch the power over to the other ones or not.  Any help is appreciated.

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Re: what could be wrong
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First step is to check the RJ45 connectors and make sure that they are still in tact.  Then check your jumpers and make sure they are still set correctly.  Try removing the RS485 from the dud and put it into your working unit and make sure that it still works.  These are the easy things to try.
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