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Misc —Zeus/Active Hub/SSR4/PassiveHub
« on: January 20, 2018, »
Cleaning out the gear I haven’t used in a while. All hasn’t been ran for a couple seasons. All prices are shipped. If it seems high make me an offer.

Zeus 16 (Missing a couple screws on inputs) - $40
Zeus 8 (untested-never used) - $25
Active Hub (Has some replacement fuses soldered on to the bottom of the board)-not sure all outputs are working as I have no way to test anymore - $SOLD
Passive Hub (At least one output not working-blank jack in its place) -there may be more not working but they will just need fuses.  - $SOLD
SSR4 (untested-never used) - SOLD
Lynx wireless TX (no power supply) - $10

I may find more laying around as I keep cleaning.

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