Author Topic: Critters eating LED lights  (Read 128 times)

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Critters eating LED lights
« on: January 21, 2018, »
Hey Everyone, So I volunteer at a not for profit train park up here in Michigan and we do Halloween and Christmas themed rides. Funds are tight so most of the LED's we use are typically Home Depot or Walmart own brands. This year in particular I have had many issues with critters eating the leds. The take everything, the lampholder and the LED bulbs, sometimes several adjacent to each other. You will find a gap of a couple of feet sometime and no sign of what is missing. Green and white wire, although they do seem more partial to warm white than multicolor bulbs haha. Has anyone else had this problem and have they found a way to stop it (other than a shotgun lol)Some of the lights are along a roofline or the edge of the railway trestle so that rules out deer or wild turkeys as the likely culprits. We do have squirrels, chip monks, raccoons and groundhogs........
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Re: Critters eating LED lights
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Not precisely the same, but similar. I had critters chew up the engine wiring harness of my Jeep requiring $1000 in repairs. I painted the repaired wiring with castor oil and have had no further problems.

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