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Dongle FAQ's
« on: March 29, 2008, »

 Since there are questions popping up to me on compareing the Lynx dongle to the cheap dongle that a member of DIYC is posting so much about now that our coop has started, I am going to explain the differences and reasons for my choices.

1 - I am not copying other peoples idea. The Dongle got started right here by me : You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

2 - My dongle cost more because I used a DIP module for the usb interface. I did this as I tryed using the Pic usb but it turned out to be a mess. The people useing them for projects typical ony use it on slow speed (under 80k) which was not going to work for us. It also becomes a chunky code project that does not send at a steady rate.

I can just as easily replace it with the chip itself but this was talked about much way back at DIYC and it was agreed it was a small package to expect the average DIY'er to deal with. If this was done it would cut the cost comparable.  But I am not going to create two setups which I believe sends a bad message to the newer members. If it could not have been done with out gonig to suface mount of this small package I would have done it but we could build it with dip packages so I did.

I know that everyone has different blinky budgets but in the scope of things I felt $24 compare to the other expensive we incure to make it doable by everyone was worth it.  Cat5 runs what $90 a box now.

3 - The Lynx dongle is not in beta, It has been operating on a daily basis for a long time on the protoboard and the finished product has over a week of running different shows non stop. This is a ready to be used finished project. There is no firmware testing to do.

4 - I am not having them built in china to sell using the cheaper setup. This was also talked about way back and agreed this is not DIY. Let the commercial companies do that. That is what they are for. If we wanted to do that we should just order some LOR or DMX dimmer's off EBAY in quanity through a coop.

If you want a $24 cheaper dongle to build and want to solder the tiny package, I recommend you wait for the design to be finished and tested on the other unit. If you want to have a cheaper dongle built for you in china then you should wait for that.

If you want to build a dongle that is ready and to know you can get it soldered and working, Then build the Lynx Dongle this is the simple facts.


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