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Possible new input power issue
« on: November 07, 2010, »
I single corded most of the LE's in the display this year since 90% is LED.

I ran into what appears to be an input load issue.

Initial Setup:

At the time, there was only a single LE v4 on a dedicated circuit.
Temps were around 40F, though all LE's have been upgraded to -40C 3.3v regulators.
2 60ct LED strings per channel, running a 16 channel running fade.
Home made 47K snubbers added to each channel.
Tried with terminator jumper both on an off.


We were getting flashing on almost every channel at the start of the fade, and this was reproducible.  We were also getting random flashing on adjacent channels.  Symptoms were similar to no snubbers or sub-freezing temps with a non-upgraded 0C 3.3v regulator.


Swapped ethernet cables - fail
Enabled/Disabled  120ohm terminator - fail
Added a snubber on the input power - fail

Plugged in a second single corded LE into the same outlet using a 3 way plug, but not running the sequence. - success
Moved second LE to another outlet - fail.

Added a 100ct incandescent string to same outlet - success


This shouldn't really be an issue for us this year, since we are going to be running multiple (4-6) LE's off of "trunk" power lines run through the yard.  It could affect or freak out a few people like me after finishing the regulator upgrade, using snubbers, and still seeing flashing.

Additional Notes:

This is more of a snubber issue though.  With these 2 LE's on a single circuit, single corded, a single LED string on one LE was able to cause flashing on the snubbered strings on the second.  So remember your snubbers everywhere.
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