Author Topic: What is the Lynx Express?  (Read 43928 times)

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Re: What is the Lynx Express?
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The wireless cards in the LE (Express) are receive only.  You would need a TX/RX unit set in transmit mode connected to the ETD (Etherdongle) to send the signal to the LE.  There is a jumper on the LE that sets it for wired or wireless operation.  One thing that the LE can do is be the first unit in the wired string of components.  When in wireless mode, the wired input and first wired output are disabled but the second wired output still works and can be used to connect other devices to the wireless system.  Please keep in mind that both the LE and the wireless system is DMX only and the standard output of the ETD is PixelNet  so if you are using an ETD, make sure that you flash it with the optional DMX firmware.
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Re: What is the Lynx Express?
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What is the difference between a LE 5.0 and a LE 5.1?
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Re: What is the Lynx Express?
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The 5.1 version of the PCB has the attachment holes relocated to align with mounting bosses in the currently available CG-1500 enclosure.

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Re: What is the Lynx Express?
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Yes you need the transmitter.  All of my LEs have the wireless option installed.  I run a wire from my active hub to the transmitter and control all the LEs.  I also have a USB dongle and a second transmitter that I can use for testing.  Works great and I have no cables in my yard going to LEs.
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