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Re: Power Supply questions
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It sounds like it is working as that is the expected behaviour of the servo....
You should be able to connect a led to the led terminals and be able to test them.....

I have a pair of 3 axis skulls using a seperate Bobcat for each one. I use the Linberg (sp?) kits as they are apparently lighter (and were actually available locally)..

As for going forward you may want to:
1) Get the DMXDeck app (should be on hereomewhere) as it gives you a 16 channel DMX board and I find this much easier to test things than xlights.
2) When you do get something mechanical built to control with the servo use the Bobcat configuration app to limit the range of the servo if your mechanism doesn't allow for the full range of the servo. While you can do this with your control application it saves a mistake in programming potentially breaking things.
3) For servo control you may want to also check out VSA. It's not free but seems to work pretty decent to control servos. Mind you I have yet to play with Vixen or any of the other apps in any details s YMMV....
4) Conrol from a Arduino via DMX is interesting and is something I am looking at. I like the thought of being able to use the various DMX devices (LE, Bobcat, MR16) with an Arduino. The Panther is basically an Arduino with a DMX driver (I have over simplified I know) so as soon as there is a co-op for it I'm gonna grab a few... You can write you own code for is and the designer has some video tutorials on it.

My main interest is setting up some halloween effects with xmas being second down the line....