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Lynx Freestyle FAQ's
« on: February 02, 2008, »
The Freestyle is a 128 channel DMX Dimming controller based on the triac technology that most DIY controllers use. It does not use the same technology as the Lynx itself does. It works with standard DIY SSR's.
A picture of the pcb is attached. The unit is in beta right now and should be available in 6 weeks or less.
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Re: Lynx Freestyle FAQ's
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Some of the great potential in this controller is that it's larger (more channels) than any other common DIY unit, but we can still use the SSR COOP boards that are common to the Olsen 595 and Grinch controllers.  The board doesn't have to be 128 channels, though.  It is scalable, so that you can put 16 or 64 or whatever amount of channels you want on it, and add on more for future displays.
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Re: Lynx Freestyle FAQ's
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