Author Topic: Does Slave Have Ability To Output Pixelnet OR DMX (configuration or firmware)  (Read 1735 times)

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On the Etherdongle section on equipment page, I see two different options for conductor firmware DMX or Pixelnet.

I don't see any firmware for the slave and from what I can tell the slave card is just like the conductor card except it doesn't have the clock and MP3 module on it.

So I would assume but could be wrong that the slave should be able to output DMX or Pixelnet depending on what firmware choice of conductor the etherdongle was flashed with?


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My understanding is that it will be able to output either kind.  In the short term, only pixelnet will be available for the slave as RJ is busy with lots of different things.  But eventually, there will be a DMX firmware as well.

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Currently only the Pixelnet firmware for the conductor has been created. RJ has said that he would create a DMX firmware but there has been no promise as to when it will be released.

I have not seen any firmware for the slave. Even the beta testers do not have it yet. I'm sure that it will match what is available for the conductor once RJ has time to do it.

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From an earlier thread, I thought all the processing was handled by the EtD.  The Conductor has no firmware to change since it doesn't have a PIC.

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Since the slave is a daughterboard that plugs into a EtD like the Conductor, I would imagine it wouldn't have a PIC either.  I don't see one on the photos.

So if you need DMX while using a Conductor or slave, then I believe you would have to built an Active Hub and get the DMX off that.

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Procesing is handled by the ETD and it's the EDT that needs a firmware flash to become a Conductor or a Slave unit.  This firmware is also what determins if it is putting out PixelNet or DMX.  Currently the only firmware that is available is the Conductor firmware in PixelNet. 
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The EtD with the conductor card that has been flashed with the conductor firmware sends out sync pulses to keep the slave in sync.

The conductor card adds a compact flash card adapter, mp3 adapter and a real time clock to the EtD. The slave card just adds the compact flash card adapter.

The data sent out on the Ethernet by the conductor does not contain channel data. It is composed of synchronization data - I'm guessing, but I would assume sequence # and frame # type data in a multicast packet. That way you could have as many slaves as you want... Listening... Playing their own sequences based on the sync packets they receive...

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