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Sequence Software and Conductor Output
« on: November 03, 2012, »
Let me explain as this seems to be a common area of concern to everyone with only a few having real info to post and most basically guessing and posting as fact.

1- No matter what software you export your seqence out of, once it is in conductor format, unless the software is not exporting it with the correct data in the right timeslot then the seqenceing software has no impact on the conductor. The conductor format is a little like Vixen 2.X in that it uses at XXX time the channel XXXX should be light level XXX. it does no calculations to figure out what the software wanted. That is done in the exporting part and so the file for the conductor is a complete time slot by time slot set of values to put the lights at. this is why the files are large. But also why I can do over 16000 channels on this little hardware.

2 - The Conductor is like DMX, What I mean is it always sends out 16,384 channels no matter what size your show it. The file always is the same size for each min of show no matter what. The hardware always does the same amount of work no matter if your show is 1 channel or 16,384 channels. It is optmized to do this and will not bog down as you add channels. It runs the same on 1 or 16,384 channels.

3 -The conductor always sends out 16,384 channels even if nothing changes just like DMX so a communication hiccup will not cause a "hung channel" It will update on the next 50 ms update.

4 - No matter what you do the output from the conductor will be at 50ms updates. You are going to just load your systems down setting the seqencing software to 10ms settings. The export is going to output the status of the lights every 50ms to the file for the conductor to output.

5 - The music and seqence should not get off using the conductor. If it does you need to look at the seqence and then the export. The conductor calibrates the seqence to the music once every second. To give you an idea how close this keeps the timing, if I disable the syncing of the two the clocks are accurate enough it takes 8 - 10 minutes before the lights and music get out of sync enough to visually perceive it. So updating it every seconds keeps it well in hand.

Hope this clears up a few things for everyone.

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