Hooking up a DMX Universe

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Examples of Lynx/Tiger DMX hookups - Please click on picture to see full size

Dmx hookup 1 Dmx hookup 2


  • You must know the basics before you can have Blinky Flashy!!
  • DMX stands for Digital MultipleXing; it is an international standard maintained by the Entertainment Services and Technology Association.
  • One DMX universe is 512 channels or 32 addressable devices. You are able to use more dongles or splitters to create another universe or use more devices.

What you Need

  • To create a DMX universe you need a few items
    • DMX dongle
    • Vixen with DMX attached plugin
    • DMX object to be operated
    • Termination (usually incorporated into RJ's controllers)

Lynx DMX Dongle

  • The Lynx Dongle is the interface that transforms USB signal output by Vixen into a DMX signal ran down a Cat5 cable via RJ45 jack.

DMX controller

  • There are many controllers out there that can be ran using the dongle to create a universe.
  • A few of ours are: